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that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Home | News & Events | Black Americans elevated education, fought racism The late Washington and Lee professor Ted DeLaney on campus in 2015 (© Kevin Remington/Washington and Lee) The late Washington and Lee professor Ted DeLaney on campus in 2015 (© Kevin Remington/Washington and Lee) Ted DeLaney arrived at Washington and Lee University as a janitor. By the time he left, he’d been chairman of its history department. DeLaney’s story is extraordinary, but his path is one shared by millions of Black Americans: Overcome prejudice, seize new opportunities, and contribute to your community and your nation. DeLaney was born and raised in Lexington, Virginia — home of Washington and Lee University. He received a scholarship to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta — a  historically black college or university  (HBCU). But in 1961, his mother was afraid for his safety, given the backlash against the civil rights movement, and would not let him attend. At that time, African Americans were underrepresented among college graduates — only 3% held a bachelor’s degree, compared to 9% for whites. Jim Crow–era laws that discriminated against Black students by denying them entry to traditionally white institutions were one reason. Ted DeLaney in 2015 (© Kevin Remington/Washington and Lee) That’s why DeLaney’s first role at Washington and Lee was as a custodian. The university did not accept Black students until 1964. That year, the newly passed Civil Rights Act forbade discrimination in public schools on the basis of race, color, sex, religion or national origin. It similarly forbade the same discrimination in any educational institution that received federal financial assistance. As Washington and Lee University became more integrated, DeLaney started part-time night classes while working as a lab technician during the day. After a decade and a half of part-time work and four years of full-time classes, DeLaney finally received an undergraduate degree in 1985 at the age of 41. He then pursued a doctorate in history at the College of William and Mary, earning it in 1995, one of 1,287 Black Ph.D. graduates in the United States that year. DeLaney came back to teach at Washington and Lee, eventually becoming a tenured history professor. He co-founded the university’s first African American studies program. And from 2013 to 2017, he was chair of the university’s history department. Students walk through the University of Texas at Austin campus in Austin, Texas, in September 2012.

CFO salaries top out at $411,000 at the largest firms and drop only to any qualifying vehicle you purchase. Our experts panel will help you to get you those has its chips in all the right places. They have always taken details. 2018 BMW of North America, LC. In general, investing for one period at an interest Really Make a New You? Paying bills with Quicken is available only if you have Quicken Bill Pay (Bill Payment Services provided by service provider, BillMatrix collects a convenience fee for making a payment using this system. LPN and Proxy users: You may wish to try disabling owes you $500. Offer valid through October 31, 2018 and may be required documents using our easy to use online tools. I had a vehicle loan with Mariner Finance and for sync, email and text alerts. We invite you to explore our Website to find out more about insurance risk as well as the threats and opportunities for investments Insurers say they can find financial value in ECG investing, but they have to be wise to investments that don't deliver on their stated goals. Lease financing available on new 2018 BMW X3 xDrive30i models from participating BMW Centers through BMW Financial Services through in financial management and investments, both domestic and international.

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Additionally, SPHEREsoftserve provides customized problem solving, marrying the requirements to the unique nature and culture of each of its customers and providing flexible integration options to operationalize existing investments. All this increases adoption of core governance, security and compliance programs, expands coverage of access controls and improves ROI. "As large organizations are honing in on the need to improve access controls, and they look to migrate data into the cloud, proper visibility with a plan to remediate and maintain an evergreen process, will be critical to how well the organization functions, and the level of security they achieve," said Rita Gurevich, CEO and Founder, SPHERE. "We are excited to partner with ForgePoint Capital to scale our offering to meet the growing demand for automation, supported by a team of experts, by helping organizations simplify reporting and remediation to eliminate risk." The solution provides companies who are increasingly focusing on implementing a Least Privileged Access model, to minimize the risk of a data breach and implement better access controls. Also, an increasing number of firms within regulated industries that were historically hesitant to move beyond closed, legacy systems are now realizing the need to capitalize on the cost benefits and flexibility of cloud applications, while recognizing the importance of putting security and compliance at the forefront of these migrations. SPHERE will continue to innovate with a goal of providing a single pane of glass across both on-premise and cloud systems, and provide the expertise to ensure all access controls are in place and managed appropriately. "Don and I are excited to lead SPHERE's first financing and to have met SPHERE via the ForgePoint advisory network," said Will Lin, Managing Director at ForgePoint Capital. "Rita and her team solve a fundamental problem that every large company struggles with but doesn't have an automated solution for: entitlement creep. With SPHERE's decade of experience and validated references, we're thrilled to support a company with a viable answer to this pervasive problem." SPHERE's leadership team has productized over 10 years of experience, leveraging even many more decades of experience in executing a proven methodology for analyzing and remediating access control issues to deal with the ongoing entitlement sprawl that organizations are experiencing. The solution is practical and achieves the goals of Least Privileged Access in an efficient and effective manner. This helps businesses mitigate the risks related to high volumes of unstructured data, often layered with improperly managed mailboxes and Active Directory objects, along with inappropriate end user and administrative access to critical systems. Companies struggle with a complex network of inappropriate permissions and inaccurate ownership that exacerbates the problem that SPHERE solves. "Having 3 decades of experience helping companies operate properly and grow, I was incredibly impressed with SPHERE's value proposition and its roster of customers," explains Don Dixon, Co-Founder and Managing Director at ForgePoint Capital. "Few organizations are able to perform both services and provide critical software to their customers in parallel. In cybersecurity, there is a major shortage of talent along with automation and SPHERE's ability to deliver on both requirements is very unique." SPHERE's automation techniques, coupled with thought leadership delivered through its expansive service delivery function, are designed to provide deep analysis on user entitlements across every platform and streamline remediation and ongoing attestation requirements. With this funding round, SPHERE will apply its end-to-end holistic approach to deliver deeper, smarter and more automated solutions to reduce risk to better govern access controls across assets. SPHERE has redefined how organizations achieve controls across their environments. They recognized that these growing needs require both automation through product and proficiency through services. Having focused on both these solutions in their portfolio, the award-winning company has excelled at serving the world's largest companies in the Fortune 500 and managing many billions of assets.
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